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2002 acura rsx auto (overheating)radiator cracked while driving replaced with a new one and switched everything from old to new radiator components but took off the a/c condenser and now, car starts good idle for about 10min and starts overheat fans dont come on, i checked fans motors itself work and fan plugs receiving voltage also checked ... I'm currently in the market for a used car and the Acura RSX caught my attention. I just have a couple of questions that need clarifying. Cited on, Consumer Report said that the 2005-2006 Acura RSX had suspension problems. What are the suspension problems? Do you guys recommend me staying away from the 2005-2006 RSX then? The car has a salvage title from a minor front end fender bender from previous owner, the car runs and drives great no issues, it has new breaks oil change and spark plugs, the car currently has a resonator and muffler delete not too loud but has a aggressive tone it’s on lowering springs but only dropped 1” so no issues with scraping or bottoming out I only lowered it to take turns better taking away any body roll, only issues Is one headlight is out and one tail light is missing a clip ... .

Let the engine cool, and put on rubber gloves. First, check if the spark plug wires are loose. Tighten them if they are. Detach the spark plug wires, and visually inspect them for splits or tears. Also, check if the boot is burnt or fouled. Use a deep socket, extension, and ratchet to remove a spark plug. May 13, 2014 · EDIT: was the TPS sensor, it just never threw a code. Swapped out with KTuned and fixed it. Here's my 05 rsx type s with 90k on the motor. No engine mods of any kind have been done.

Hello everyone, i'm new to the Rsx world so im looking to buy one preferable one with a turbo. I'm looking at one right now here is what the guy has done to it. (the add from craigslist.) For sale is my 2004 Acura RSX Type-S in premium pearl white. It has been well maintained since I got in... Another must have item is a fuel rail kit. The RSX has a return-less setup that is difficult to make work in the Integra but thankfully a complete kit makes easy work of what would otherwise be a complex job. I couldn’t find a complete kit on Hybrid’s site, only their fuel lines. However, K-tuned offers a great all-in-one package. HELP! "Limp mode"? Made is 90 miles east of Los Angeles in my newly-acquired Acura (with 246,000 already on it). Automatic. Motoring down I-10 at modest 60 MPH when "check engine" light came on. Motor still running as stopped to check for usual suspects. no evidence of overheating brand new... This sensor will notify the ECU which will then pull ignition timing to attempt to stave off engine knock, or go into limp mode. The part number for the K20A2 Knock sensor is 30530-PRB-A01, and is connected to the K series shortblock. RSX Oxygen Sensor ( PRIMARY )

If the pressure switch signal is not logical for the commanded state of the control solenoid, a DTC will set and the PCM will go into a 'fuel-cut' mode limiting engine rpm and performance. The PCM simply doesn't 'know' what the state of the intake valves are, so you end up with the symptoms you describe. Warning: This DIY is a Step by Step demonstration on how to convert your car from automatic to manual. IT IS NOT COMPLETE YET!!!!! This will make your car drivable, just no speedo, vtec and reverse lights. Mar 14, 2019 · I test-drove a 986 while still in college before settling for my little Acura RSX. Sometime in the early 2010’s, I swapped my 996 for my friend’s 987S one day for a blast through some mountains. I demo’d a 981S PDK for a customer during the very brief phase of my life wherein it was my job to sell them.

Whenever the factory charge pipe break at the plastic seam, the engine immediately senses a huge vacuum leak where the engine ECU counters by sending the engine into a LIMP MODE condition. Usually, the car's performance will feel dimished and lack luster as if running without a proper firing cylinder. Replaced Alternator and Battery and Still will not stay running 6 Answers. I replaced the Alternator and the Battery and it drove home fine but I just drove it again and it broke down and will not start. Jumped it and it stayed running long enough to get it off the road but ... Acura RSX Type S (European Game) Race the Type R race in beginner mode to win the Acura RSX Type S. Easy Win. ... Created by: limp. Read the full guide...

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  • From a prototype to a full-blown FWD hatchback coupe, the Acura RSX had offered its users with accessible performance and a unique sporty style. As a “groundbreaking sports car” according to Dick Colliver, Acura’s Executive VP, the RSX promised to deliver “a true race-bred driving experience”.
  • i currently have the same problem how do you fix it. i have this weird rattle sounds like the chain is scrapping something but the car still drives no weird bucking. the cel come on n the car goes into limp mode. i was told by a reputable tuner that the sound might be from me oil pump going bad and thats whats giving out my p1259.
  • Oct 07, 2009 · If it's running in limp mode, the car will start to misfire around 3300 rpm. Mine only does this if its very cold and the Vehicle Speed Sensor stops working.
  • From a prototype to a full-blown FWD hatchback coupe, the Acura RSX had offered its users with accessible performance and a unique sporty style. As a “groundbreaking sports car” according to Dick Colliver, Acura’s Executive VP, the RSX promised to deliver “a true race-bred driving experience”.
  • So about a month ago, a rear main oil seal leak combined with a bad oil pan put my car into limp mode. (Idk how the hell I missed it) Pan and seal were replaced along with a crankshaft sensor and new Iridium NGK ignition coils while we were at it.

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